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Preventing Clinical Issues After Bariatric Surgery

A seamless, successful recovery and weight loss experience is the goal of every bariatric surgery. Understanding that there are certain behaviors that can help prevent or minimize clinical issues following bariatric surgery can help you make good decisions as you move along your weight loss journey with our Connecticut weight loss surgery center. While some [...]

April Patient of the Month: Deb

Meet our April patient of the Month, Deb. We have gotten to know Deb so well over the years that she truly feels like family.
Her original LAP-BAND surgery was in 2008 with Dr. Ehrlich. Though she initially did well, she eventually began to struggle. After much discussion, Debbie elected to work very closely with Becky [...]

What You Need to Know About Plastic Surgery After Extreme Weight Loss

Deciding whether or not to have plastic surgery after a dramatic weight loss is a personal decision that patients may consider once they’ve stabilized their weight. It’s not uncommon for patients who have lost a lot of weight to feel like they’ve not completed their weight loss journey until they have done reconstructive surgery to [...]

Preventing Addiction Transfer After Weight Loss Surgery

While many people who use bariatric surgery as a tool to achieve weight loss success may never experience addictions, some may find that they struggle with addiction after undergoing weight loss surgery. If you are struggling with a new addiction, understanding what may have caused it and learning new coping methods can help you control [...]

Mindful Eating After Bariatric Surgery

Some days the thought of moving dinner to the couch while you catch the latest episode of The Amazing Race sounds just about perfect- particularly on long days when all you want to do is sink into the couch with a bowl something yummy. We’re all guilty of turning in the dining room chairs for [...]

Watching What You Eat: Sugars vs Sugar Alcohols

We frequently receive questions regarding the nutrition facts on food labels. People that have had bariatric surgery need to monitor sugar intake, whether it is to aid in weight loss or, for some, to avoid dumping syndrome. Looking at nutrition facts, you will see how many grams of sugar are in a product, [...]

March Patient of the Month: Susan

Meet our March Patient of the Month: Susan. Watch the video to hear her story of her weight loss journey.
It is our belief that other patients can benefit from hearing Susan’s story. If you are interested in bariatric surgery, please contact Ehrlich Bariatrics at (203) 880-5000 or request a consultation. We understand what a struggle [...]

Loving Your Body After Weight Loss Surgery in Connecticut

Weight loss brings a lot of changes with it: new eating habits, learning healthier non-food ways to cope with stress, fresh exercise regimes, and a new, leaner shape. While many people love their new figure after weight loss (after all, you’ve earned it!) some patients find accepting their slimmer, healthier body difficult. Others may self [...]

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week: Eating Disorders After Bariatric Surgery

According to the National Eating Disorder Associating, over 30 million Americans will suffer from a “clinically significant” eating disorder at some point during their life. And surprisingly, even more Americans will struggle with eating disorders that play a significant part in their quality of life, regardless of being it being clinically qualified.

February Patient of the Month: Susie

Meet our Patient of the Month: Susie. Susie had revisional surgery with Dr. Ehrlich. She feels that she got her life back after surgery.
It is our belief that other patients can benefit from hearing Susie’s story. If you are interested in revisional bariatric surgery, please contact Ehrlich Bariatrics at (203) 880-5000 or request a consultation. [...]