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Lose Weight at Any Age, Improve Heart Health!

Obesity is a progressive disease that can bring with it diabetes, sleep apnea, cancer, and heart disease. Research has shown that weight loss surgery can help reverse diabetes, that dramatic weight loss can help reduce sleep apnea, and even that some cancers can be reduced through shedding just a small amount of weight. Recently, a […]

3 Ways to Discuss Weight Loss Surgery with your Partner

LOS ANGELES, July 31, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – Dr. Feiz and Associates has found that some individuals who are seriously interested in having a weight loss surgery are struggling with getting approval from their loved ones. Simply listing the increasingly well-documented benefits of weight surgery is not doing the trick, it seems. Some significant others are being […]

Who Qualifies For Weight Loss Surgery?

Weight loss surgery is increasingly becoming more accepted as a weight loss tool for people who have struggled to lose weight and keep it off through diet and exercise alone. With over 36% of Americans classified as obese and another 35% of Americans considered overweight, it’s apparent that for many people, weight loss is more […]

Does Obesity Cause Cancer?

If it’s not enough that obesity has been linked to diabetes, liver problems, heart problems, acid reflux, infertility, and a host of other health issues, a recent study published by The Lancet, claims that obesity may also be linked to increased cases of cancer in Americans. With the rise in obesity, over 36% of Americans […]

Kicking the American Diet for Better Health

Browse any bookstore health section and you’ll find plenty of weight loss books touting the Mediterranean Diet, the French Diet, and the Asian Diet, but search for the American diet and the results seem dedicated to exposés on why America is struggling with a growing obesity epidemic. The American (western diet) diet has left something […]

August Patient of the Month: Dawn

Please meet our patient of the month- Dawn. We invite you to read about her experience with bariatric surgery and how it has impacted her life. This is Dawn’s journey: It’s been almost six months since I had gastric bypass and I’ve lost 100 pounds.  Hard to believe it’s been that long, and that I’ve […]

Bariatric Approved Recipes for Summer Eatin’

We’re over halfway through summer but we still have plenty of time to enjoy our favorite dishes that serve up especially well during hot weather months. Let’s be honest, cooking during the summer can be a chore. Even homes with good A/C start to feel like a furnace when you’re roasting up veggies and chicken […]

Benefits of Food Journaling

Many patients fear hearing the words “keep a food journal” at an appointment. The task is so daunting and seems really time consuming. There are so many benefits to keeping a food journal though, and it has been proven that many people that do keep a food journal tend to lose weight. Here is a […]

Exercise for Fun, Eat Less

Disney isn’t the only group that believes in positive thinking while completing a hard job. A recent study by Cornell Food and Brand Lab found that people who believe they are exercising for personal enjoyment or who turned exercise into a reward ate less after breaking a sweat than those who exercised for weight loss […]

July Patient of the Month: Kristine

Meet our patient of the month, Kristine! We chose Kristine as our patient of the month because she has an incredible story to share.  Kristine always struggled with her weight and had the gastric band for several years before converting to the gastric bypass.  This is Kristine’s story: My name is Kristine and I am […]