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Bariatric Approved Recipes for Summer Eatin’

We’re over halfway through summer but we still have plenty of time to enjoy our favorite dishes that serve up especially well during hot weather months. Let’s be honest, cooking during the summer can be a chore. Even homes with good A/C start to feel like a furnace when you’re roasting up veggies and chicken […]

Benefits of Food Journaling

Many patients fear hearing the words “keep a food journal” at an appointment. The task is so daunting and seems really time consuming. There are so many benefits to keeping a food journal though, and it has been proven that many people that do keep a food journal tend to lose weight. Here is a […]

Exercise for Fun, Eat Less

Disney isn’t the only group that believes in positive thinking while completing a hard job. A recent study by Cornell Food and Brand Lab found that people who believe they are exercising for personal enjoyment or who turned exercise into a reward ate less after breaking a sweat than those who exercised for weight loss […]

July Patient of the Month: Kristine

Meet our patient of the month, Kristine! We chose Kristine as our patient of the month because she has an incredible story to share.  Kristine always struggled with her weight and had the gastric band for several years before converting to the gastric bypass.  This is Kristine’s story: My name is Kristine and I am […]

Massage: Benefits for Bariatric Patients

If it’s not already highlighted and marked with stars on your calendar (ours is!), next week is Every Body Deserves a Massage Week (July 13-19). On the list of holidays that deserve some attention, this so-called “holiday” ranks pretty highly with us. All kidding aside, massages really can offer some amazing benefits for your health […]

Summer Zucchini Chips

Here is a great summer time snack that is a healthy alternative to potato chips and they’re super easy to make.    We tried making plain ones with Parmesan cheese and a batch that were spiced up with some Chipotle powder.  Not only are they easy to make, but they’re super tasty and a savory treat. […]

The Truth About Snack Foods

Snack-able, on-the-go foods are a staple in the American diet. These days, most of us we spend a good part of our day outside the home, practically living in our office or car. Our busy schedules make convenience foods a part of our reality and the snack food industry knows it. According to a paper […]

Dairy-Free Calcium Options For Lactose Intolerance After Bariatric Surgery

Calcium is an essential mineral that aids in growth, reproduction, healthy teeth and bones, muscle contraction, hormones, and impulse transmissions through the nervous system. According to the institute of Medicine, adults 19 years and older should eat at least 1,000mg a day, and no more than 2,000mg daily. Typically, most people are able to consume […]

Top 10 Weight Loss Tips After Bariatric Surgery

A common assumption people have about weight loss surgery is that after gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgery the weight comes peeling off with very little effort, if any. While it’s true that weight loss surgery can result in incredible weight loss, it doesn’t just happen on its own. Weight loss, with or without the […]

May Patient of the Month: Nancy

We chose Nancy as the patient of the month because Nancy has really embraced all aspects of support services since having her gastric bypass surgery. Nancy has attended numerous support groups, follows up with her office visits, and most importantly, she has gone above and beyond to help others who have had bariatric surgery. Nancy […]