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Tips for Sticking to the Bariatric Diet During the Holidays

Bariatric Diet During the HolidaysAs October ushers in the beginning of the holiday season, we can’t help but feel the urge to ride down the streets like Paul Revere, warning “The goodies are coming! The goodies are coming!” Almost anyone who’s following a diet during the holidays at some point will feel like they’re being sabotaged by the enemy! Sticking to a strict diet when everyone else is indulging can be tricky. If it starts to feel overwhelming, remember this is an opportunity to test your resolve and further cement your commitment to living a healthier lifestyle. The best way to make sure that “thinking” and “doing” are aligned is to come up with an action plan to help you stay focused. Read our best tips for sticking to a bariatric diet during the holidays, and then share your own tips on our Facebook page.

October Patient of the Month: Art

Weight-Loss-Surgery-SuccessFor our patient of the month, we bring you Art. Art has a great story to share with you about his journey through weight loss surgery. He is a wonderful guy and has quite a bit of experience with bariatric surgeries, starting with the lap-band then later converting to the gastric bypass. We invite you to read his story and how losing the weight has impacted his life.

Positive Body Image Can Help You Lose Weight

177848940We recently read a study about positive body image in the September 2014 issue of the journal Body Image. The study used data from 153 female undergraduate students to determine that those who showed more self-compassion towards their own body, regardless of weight, were able to increase their positive body image.

National Women’s Health and Fitness Day

National Women's Health and Fitness DayToday is National Women’s Health and Fitness Day! We’ve heard many of our female patients express the concern that after taking care family, a job, and the home, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of time to take care of themselves. With hectic schedules it can feel impossible to hit the gym, take the time needed to prepare healthy food, or get enough sleep.

Fall Fitness: How to Get Exercise During Colder Weather

Winter Exercises for Bariatric PatientsEven though the weather in Connecticut is close to perfection right now with warm days and cool evenings, underneath the sunny weather is a brisk breeze hinting at winter. Patient’s who have committed to a workout schedule from spring to fall may suddenly struggle with fitting in fitness once the weather cools down. Finding ways to break a sweat without freezing out can be tricky in our neck of the woods! However, making time to exercise is essential for continued weight loss and muscle maintenance after bariatric surgery at our Connecticut weight loss surgery center. Instead of throwing in the towel and hibernating once the temps drop, consider these cold weather exercise tips. We’ll see you out there!

Lose Weight at Any Age, Improve Heart Health!

Heart Heath and ObesityObesity is a progressive disease that can bring with it diabetes, sleep apnea, cancer, and heart disease. Research has shown that weight loss surgery can help reverse diabetes, that dramatic weight loss can help reduce sleep apnea, and even that some cancers can be reduced through shedding just a small amount of weight. Recently, a study completed by the UK Medical Research Council National Survey of Health and Development found that dropping from one BMI category to a lesser one can reduce cardiovascular illnesses like thickening of the carotid artery walls or raised systolic blood pressure.

3 Ways to Discuss Weight Loss Surgery with your Partner

177698395LOS ANGELES, July 31, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Feiz and Associates has found that some individuals who are seriously interested in having a weight loss surgery are struggling with getting approval from their loved ones. Simply listing the increasingly well-documented benefits of weight surgery is not doing the trick, it seems.

Who Qualifies For Weight Loss Surgery?

76764000Weight loss surgery is increasingly becoming more accepted as a weight loss tool for people who have struggled to lose weight and keep it off through diet and exercise alone. With over 36% of Americans classified as obese and another 35% of Americans considered overweight, it’s apparent that for many people, weight loss is more complicated than simply following traditional fitness programs. These days, more people are finding success with a combination of diet, exercise, and bariatric surgery (including support from the weight loss center) to achieve a healthy weight.

Does Obesity Cause Cancer?

Obesity and Cancer RisksIf it’s not enough that obesity has been linked to diabetes, liver problems, heart problems, acid reflux, infertility, and a host of other health issues, a recent study published by The Lancet, claims that obesity may also be linked to increased cases of cancer in Americans. With the rise in obesity, over 36% of Americans may now be at risk for developing obesity-related cancer. The study found

Kicking the American Diet for Better Health

Kicking the American DietBrowse any bookstore health section and you’ll find plenty of weight loss books touting the Mediterranean Diet, the French Diet, and the Asian Diet, but search for the American diet and the results seem dedicated to exposés on why America is struggling with a growing obesity epidemic. The American (western diet) diet has left something to be desired with its focus on processed foods, large portions, and minimal consumption of fruits and veggies. It’s not surprising that the health industry is working hard to change the way the average American feeds their body.