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Finding a Fitness Routine After Bariatric Surgery

Exercise after weight loss surgeryExercise after weight loss surgery at our Connecticut bariatric surgery center helps boost weight loss results, reduce sagging skin, and improve overall health. If you enjoyed exercise before surgery, it probably wasn’t hard to jump back onto the fitness wagon after your recovery. For those who never exercised before surgery (especially if you didn’t particularly like it), finding your fitness groove may seem difficult. Instead of taking up an exercise routine that you don’t enjoy, this month for National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, make it a goal to find an activity that makes it fun to get your daily 30 minutes of exercise.

Will Weight Loss Surgery Help You Beat Infertility?

ThinkstockPhotos-483658567These days it may seem like many of our loved ones are struggling to add a baby to the family. The reality is that infertility affects roughly 10-15% of all couples that are trying to conceive. That’s not an insignificant number. Infertility can be linked to multiple reasons: unregulated hormone levels,

National Minority Health Month in Connecticut

National Minority Health Month As obesity rates continue to rise, certain minority groups in the United States are increasingly at risk for becoming obese and developing obesity-related health issues like diabetes and heart disease. During the month of April, many centers across the country are focusing on how to improve minority health. According to statics by state, nearly 63% of Connecticut’s population is overweight or obese with a disproportionate 67.5% of African Americans and 72.4% of Hispanics affected.

The Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery in Connecticut

ThinkstockPhotos-506934269There are millions of articles on the Internet that cover different aspects of weight loss surgery. Amazingly enough, if you type in “Bariatric Surgery” you will get over 9 million search results! Bariatric surgery is quickly becoming a hot weight loss tool because many patients are enjoying long-term weight loss, particularly

Severely Overweight Patients May Benefit from Weight-loss Surgery Before Joint Replacement

ThinkstockPhotos-166771642The effects of obesity manifests itself in many different ways; diabetes, hypertension, knee and hip arthritis, and sleep apnea are just a few side effects of obesity. According to the Arthritis Foundation, obesity not only affects all types of arthritis, but it also can raise your risk of developing osteoarthritis. Today, nearly 1 in 3 obese people suffer from arthritis.

Today is American Diabetes Alert Day!

stk65057corToday, March 24th, is American Diabetes Alert Day! While Diabetes Awareness Month isn’t until November, this small alert is a reminder that waiting to tend to (or to prevent) diabetes can cause lasting damages on your health and quality of life. Of the 29.1 million Americans with diabetes, about 8.1 million are undiagnosed and may not even know

Can Nighttime Eating Hurt Your Health?

492398795A recent study published in the journal Science by researchers at San Diego State University and the Salk Institute for Biological Studies has determined that fruit flies that were limited to shorter eating hours during a 24 hour period had less diet- and aging-related heart issues than fruit flies that were able to eat at any time. While comparing fruit flies to people may seem strange, the insect are commonly used to “identify the genetic basis of human disease, including cardiovascular diseases,” explains the study.

March Patient of the Month: Kay

kay_mitchellThis March, we are feature Kay who had gastric bypass surgery with Ehrlich Bariatrics in September 2013. We are excited to share Kay’s journey with you because not only has she done wonderfully, but also because she is a patient in her 20’s, a rapidly growing demographic in our bariatric office of people wanting to make a lifestyle change.

What to Expect After Weight Loss Surgery

What to expect after bariatric surgeryH.P. Lovecraft once said that “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.” Unfortunately, for many, the unknown is what keeps us from reaching goals, taking chances, and making changes.

Slow and Steady May Not Win the Weight Loss Race

Slow and Steady Weight LossHold on there, Mr. Turtle. A study recently published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology may buck the old belief that slow and steady wins the race; at least when it comes to weight loss. The study which was lead by Joseph Proietto, Sir Edward Dunlop Professor of Medicine at the University of Melbourne and Head of the Weight Control Clinic at Austin Health in Australia aimed to determine whether gradual weight loss or rapid weight loss resulted in the best long-term outcomes.

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